Connect And Communicate Seamlessly

Integrate and standardize data from disparate systems across the enterprise.

Integrate your existing Clinic or Practice Systems to a network of Diagnostic Service Providers
Use FlexiPath Order Comms to any Diagnostics Service Provider from Analytical or Geographical Capabilities.
Switch from providers seamlessly with a few clicks without changing systems.

Road Map

Create an account and connect to a network of service providers

Place diagnostics (Pathology and Imaging) order to a national network of service providers

Improve turnaround times, save money and deliver value for patients

Aggregate and standardise clinical data across multiple systems regardless of data format

Receive real-time notifications of order status and results

We adhere to NCSC and GDPR

Key Benefits

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and normalize data across multiple disparate systems

Business continuity

Switch provider in a few clicks or connect to multiple providers simultaneously

Reduce Transcription Errors

Eliminate transcription errors with seamless interoperability and create new orders electronically

Network of Providers

Connect to a network of Pathology and Radiology Service Providers

Improve Turnaround Time

Save time, money and deliver value for patients

Connect Intelligently

Chose providers based on analytical or geographical capabilities

Real-Time Update

Get real-time update on order status and results

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