Connect And Communicate Seamlessly

Switch providers within a few clicks

As a large Healthcare Organisations be it CCGs or NHS Trusts you can benefit from an integrated solution with the flexibility to switch providers without the enormous cost of changing your existing electronic patient record systems.

Benefit from UK1st cloud based solution with the ability to change providers

Benefit from an independently hosted order comms solution with all the tools you need to communicate orders and results with more than one pathology service provider electronically. With the inbuilt switching functionality, you can switch between providers without the need to change the system. Reduce duplication of systems for all every new national initiative. Contact us for more

Our electronic order comms solution, provides you the flexibility and features to connect to your primary diagnostic service provider and as well as other diagnostic hubs if required. It’s an encompassing solution that removes the need to have multiple orders and result communication solutions for different initiatives. Simplify workflow for staff and patients. Contact us for more.

What can FlexiPath do for you?

Data Aggregation

Aggregate and normalize data across multiple disparate systems

Network of Providers

Connect to a network of Pathology and Radiology Service Providers

Connect Intelligently

Chose providers based on analytical or geographical capabilities

Business continuity

Divert workload from one site to another or to third party

Improve Turnaround Time

Save time, money and deliver value for patients

Real-Time Update

Get real-time update on order status and results

Reduce Transcription Errors

Eliminate transcription errors with seamless interoperability and book new orders easily