Integrating Clinical Systems For Intelligent Connectivity.

We connect disparate systems across the enterprise for seamless interoperability.
Use FlexiPath Order Comms to gain seamless access to network of diagnostics service providers

Large Health Organisations

Connect and aggregate pathology and radiology data from disparate systems, switch providers without the need to change existing systems, access to national initiatives easily without the stress of procuring or integrating another system and become a service provider to others with ease.

Clinics and Practices

Choose from a network of pathology and radiology service providers, connect based on geographical or analytical capability, flexibility to connect to more than one service providers at time or switch between providers within a few clicks.


With an order comms solution designed to meet your specific needs, you can reach more service users with ease by making a subset or the whole of your test repertoire available for online ordering and immediate notification of results to service users. Streamline your workflow and improve turnaround time.

About Us


Our integrated fully hosted order comms solution, allows your teams to reach their targets and manage workload in a more efficient manner to improve quality of service and increase productivity.

FlexiPath is a secure diagnostic orders and results communication solution with the ability to aggregate data and deliver seamless interoperability between disparate clinical systems. We enable seamless communication between disparate clinical systems and labs to seamlessly share health data and aggregate each patient’s data with ease. With a team of expert currently providing the highest level of customer satisfaction for clients in the U.K. and U.S. Our innovative product empower our customers to do what they do best – deliver outstanding patient care.


We work hard to deliver innovative solutions and provide exceptional service to enable our customers to deliver outstanding care for patients.


To enable the delivery of outstanding care for patients through integrated clinical solutions.

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